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like you`ve never had before


...unless you've been to a Tre Spicchi restaurant in Italy

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Spicchi (the Italian for slice) is like a Michelin star but exclusively for Italian pizza and our chef Alberto Morello got all three of them, three years in a row. His Gigi Pipa restaurant in Este, Italy receives the highest recognition for excellence in the pizza a degustazione category every year since 2020 and is named one of the 50 Top Pizza for 2023 by Guida Pizzerie d’Italia. 

Now his signature taste, look and sourdough l’arte bianca are all imported and recreated in his first venture abroad in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The mastermind behind Paradiso Pizza & Friends learned how to transform his passion for flour into an art at Università della Pizza di Molino Quaglia. 

He opened his first restaurant in his hometown of Este in 2009 and a few years later was awarded the best emerging pizza maker in Italy. His signature approach to pizza stands on two pillars – natural yeast and long fermentation of the dough, and seasonality of the ingredients.

Alberto Morello

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